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It all started with a cancer diagnosis...When Tyler Gifford was diagnosed with Stage IV Malignant Melanoma at the age of 28, his life was changed forever.  He was given 6 months to live, had to quit his job, move out of his apartment and back home with his parents, couldn't drive anymore, and began clinical trials to try to save his life.  

With all of these new life changes, Tyler became depressed, and wanted to just sit on the couch.  One thing he mentioned is that he felt like the only young adult with cancer.  His sister, Ashley Swip, tried to find resources for him, and mainly tried to find another man that was dealing with the same diagnosis, that Tyler could connect with.  Ashley was never able to find him that resource, and he passed away 9 months after his diagnosis.  Ashley was able to give him one last day of fun with a Wish to attend his most favorite place...a St Louis Cardinals Game.  He was able to meet players, sit in the dugout, and even announce an inning.  He smiled, laughed, enjoyed family, and became the Pre-Cancer Tyler...just for one day.  

3 Little Birds 4 Life wants to know..."What's Your Wish".  Do you Wish for Support?  Do you Wish for Resources?  Do You Wish for a Day to Forget about Cancer?

This new platform will allow us to grant each of those Wishes.  We are always looking to expand and grow this platform.  We hope you love the new 3 Little Birds, and would love to connect with you!

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